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Beach Brighter

The Smart Towel secures items in a waterproof compartment. Smart Towel can be carried easily, fold-able as a tote or used as a backpack with comfortable straps.

Instead of bringing 10 items, bring one item. Smart Towel reduces the sum of items needed, including a tote bag; coolers; pillows; thermos holders; a waterproof phone case; and portable charger.

The Smart Towel X removes beaching with unease and sand problems. Smart Towel X comes with a material to repel sand. Enjoy your time & know everything is safe and at reach. 

Lined Cushions

The Smart Towel XC can have lined cushions – maximizing relaxation. This is the only beach invention of its kind.

The Smart Towel is all you need. The Smart Towel makes it convenient to protect and access your belongings with one item. Take a single thing and leave anywhere fast. 

The Smart Towel XC's materials can range with customization. Options include pure cotton, polyester, woven fabric, a poly-nylon blend, thermoplastic elastomer, microfiber, or two layers of woven polyurethane, to allow sand and other materials to fall through the material of the blanket.

The Smart Towel will arise out with numerous aftermarket additions over time – gifting you with even more perfect days.  

Solar Security

The Smart Towel X charges your devices with a waterproof solar panel. Smart Towel X has attachable, watertight parts for protecting items including portable chargers and Bluetooth speakers.

The Smart Towel X protects your device in a waterproof case under a hidden security flap; attachable and able to use underwater. This security flap protects the device and conceals 

Model Smart Towel's

Smart Towel - $25.93

  • Attachable, Comfortable Straps
  • Double Sided
  • Padded Material
  • Waterproof Items Compartment
  • Weighted Edges

Smart Towel X - $45.93

  • Attachable, Comfortable Straps
  • Attachable Phone Case
  • Attachable, Waterproof Solar Panel
  • Double Sided
  • Padded Material
  • Security Flap
  • Waterproof Items Compartment
  • Weighted Edges

Smart Towel XC - $50+

  • Customize-able Addons
  • Design Specific
  • Lined Cushions


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